A flash of green exploded from the point on the horizon where the sun had just disappeared. The burst of emerald light was gone in a second but the memory of the spectacle is still vivid.  This work is my response to that spectacular moment.

I had been working as a deckhand on a yacht in the Caribbean. Each night we would watch the sun setting on the aft deck and hope to see the phenomena of the green flash. In the hundreds of sunsets I have watched only once have I seen it in its glory. With not a cloud or obstruction in the way the sun melted down over the horizon and through the prism of light refracting a green flash occurs.

I am a fascinated by the way different surface and glazes can be used to capture and refract light.  By using a celadon base glaze I can create vibrant colours by using commercial stains.  I throw sections of each piece and build these together to develop dynamic vessels. The forms are individually simplistic but when viewed together a more complex pattern of colour and shape emerges.

44 Vessels Thrown and manipulated porcelain 

Fired 1280°