A DAY Collect Open 2017

Making her largest work to date, ceramist Tanya Gomez sets 40 of her signature vessels against a monumental painterly backdrop. Exhibiting at Collect Open is an opportunity that doesn’t come around often, and for Gomez it was the time to create something spectacular. “I’ve always wanted to create a bigger atmosphere, to stand back and see my work en masse,” she says.

And so began ‘A Day’, offering a universal theme in which viewers can linger and stroll along the 5 metre installation. Part landscape, part expressionistic study: “it’s not literal, it’s an interpretation of what a day could be, how it could unfold, the light, the mood and your emotions,” Gomez says.

Her Vessels with their large cylindrical shapes are dressed in the most exquisite glazes, changing as the daylight reflecting off them also changes. Their openings, suggesting a function, tilt and sweep as though in a dance, “I’m making something that looks like it’s flowing when actually its heavily sculpted.”

A Day suggests the sense of disorientation of indistinct borders where sky meets water.

Teleri Lloyd-Jones

A Day