Working in porcelain, I use a range of approaches in my throwing to create forms that capture the qualities of fluidity and movement and evoke a sense of space. My work evolves from my observations of natural phenomena, dramatic landscapes and the shifting qualities of the sea. This inspiration is drawn from my experience of coastal living, and working on private yachts travelling round the globe, encountering diverse cultures, and absorbing the abstract qualities of colour and shape while at sea.

My practice is process led. Through experimenting with energetic making and rigorous selection I have learnt how clay works and found new ways of making. I create forms using dynamic throwing, cutting and assembling techniques.

I create both domestic and large scale works for sale and to commission. My larger scale pieces are thrown in parts and assembled to produce larger surfaces that are animated through throwing and glazing. The form have an impact both individually and as a group. By observing the lines and dimensions of the pieces I am able to create vivid landscapes and fluid architectural forms.

I am fascinated by the idea of creating an overwhelming sense of something that is so overpowering that one cannot comprehend its boundaries. This sensation can be translated into a piece by following a line, and using rhythm, balance, tension or colour.